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Work Steps For an Internet Marketing Program

Simple Worksteps to a professional web site.How much time will it take for my web marketing project? 

How do we begin? 
We have found that initially considering six steps makes sense.  Meeting your particular requirements may involve skipping some of these steps, or modifying them. After our initial conversation, we will develop a proposed plan for your specific situation.

Initially, we need to talk about:

  • how often your information will be changing, and
  • how much of those changes you want to do, and how much you prefer that CinchLink does. 

Then we can scope using some or all of the steps below.

To develop an individual marketing or website plan, we recommend these six steps:

1.  End Point Creation.  Most important, what payoff do you expect when the project is complete? What is your goal?  First we want to talk in order to understand your goals, and constraints.  What are your requirements?  What activities will you do?  What's already done?  What work will CinchLink need to accomplish?   How will it help your organization or business succeed?  This will let us prepare an estimate of schedule, responsibilities, and costs - in writing.  Usually, a down payment will signify your approval for us to begin activities in earnest.

2.  Detailed Work Plan.  Create a week by week schedule draft.  Clearly identify the market segments for this web site.  What content already exists?  What needs to be created? What other partners or suppliers need to be engaged:  advertising, graphics, hosting, photography, etc.?  The output of this phase is a go-ahead for all the involved people to start detailed work that will end in a web marketing prototype.

3.  Prototype.  A couple of layout ideas will be sketched for your review.  After discussion, simulated testing, and feedback, we will do more work on the most promising approach.  Outside vended services are selected, if needed.  Toward the end of this phase, all content to be provided by the client is due to CinchLink.  At the end of this phase, the heavy integration and early market testing will begin by CinchLink. 

4.  Assembly and Development.  This phase usually involves extensive work by CinchLink.  Graphics are optimized for fast viewing on the web.  Social networking accounts are created or edited. Textual content is entered.  Formatting is implemented.  Some spot testing with users and/or the client is conducted, and feedback is collected.  This phase ends with a demonstration of the "first-draft" marketing presence.  Needed changes from the client are sent to CinchLink to allow some final tweaking in the next phase.

5.  Pre-Launch Preparations.  After final tweaking is complete, the content is uploaded to your hosting server and suppliers.  Live tests are conducted:

  • ensure quick comprehension by visitors
  • validate any keyword advertising tactics
  • measure compliance with industry standards
  • conduct testing with both potential users, and internal customers.

The website and/or content is also delivered on a CD to the client for their permanent files.  Final payment is due at this time.

6.  Initial Observation and Evaluation.  Technical support is provided free of charge for the first 30 days after delivery of the final site.  During the first 30 days, the client should decide who will later maintain the site.  CinchLink can help you decide on a maintenance process, train you or another person to do it, or perform complete ongoing maintenance for you.

Contact us to initiate a discussion of your individual goals for a website that will enhance your business growth.  Or call Dave on 585-586-7652.

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